Realise more investment opportunities without sacrificing risk management

Flag regulatory and tax implications for investment managers right in the tools they already use.

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​​Fragmented, inaccessible compliance knowledge prevents investment managers from ensuring suitability of investment recommendations, avoiding tax-harmful investments and understanding restrictions when clients are abroad.

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Apiax provides investment managers with regulatory and tax insights right in the tools they already use, enabling them to respond faster to customer needs and market developments while staying compliant.

Regulation is a key challenge for investment managers! Read the full report about the challenges for asset management COOs.
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How Apiax solves it

Apiax’ embedded regulatory compliance software allows your team to do more activities that are compliant faster.

Binary results on investment product level
Easy integration into portfolio management systems
Easy integration into trade execution systems
Perform compliance and tax checks on-the-go
Perform faster pre-activity checks
Act immediately on client's requests
Achieve compliance by design
Access 24/7, from anywhere

Covering a wide range of investment products and offering scenarios for more than 170 jurisdictions

  • Pre-Trade Compliance

    Execute client trades immediately without skipping the compliance checks.

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  • Investment Suitability Checks

    Provide suitable investment solutions to any client globally.

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  • Tax-Efficient Investment Advice

    Use tax impact information to offer tax-efficient products and services.

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Drive results with embedded compliance

Financial institutions using embedded compliance grow revenue and act faster while reducing manual processes and compliance risks.


Up to 12x faster suitability checks*


Up to 200x better time-to-market*


Up to 5x better prospect retention*


Up to 10% less in cash reserves for client litigation cases and regulatory fines*
*Calculated for Swiss Tier 1 bank project with Apiax
Raiffeisen ensures tax-efficiency of discretionary mandates with Apiax.
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Empower every team with embedded compliance

Operations Managers

Increase the efficiency of business processes without sacrificing risk management.

Investment Managers

Realise more investment opportunities with less dependence on your compliance stakeholders.

Compliance Managers

Liberate your schedule! Fewer compliance checks and compliance monitoring.

IT Managers

Integrate easily and get up to speed autonomously.


Embed into the tools you already use

Apiax integrates seamlessly with leading tools in the investment management world.

Getting started is easy.

Start embedding compliance into your applications and processes with Apiax today.