Disclaimer Management: Automate creation of marketing disclaimers

Replace manual compliance processes with pre-approved and fully integrated disclaimers. Audit-proof solution with historical changelog and analytics.


Replace disclaimer spreadsheets and manual compliance reviews with a digital library of pre-approved and highly dynamic disclaimer and disclosure rules.

Distribute always up-to-date and compliant disclosures across the whole organisation.

Approve changes, specify rollout dates and review disclaimers for all scenarios.

Perform changes once and apply disclosures to all marketing documents in any language.

Integrate disclaimers into custom business applications directly via API.


Create personalised and product specific disclaimers with full traceability. Directly integrate disclaimers and monitor their usage across tools and documents.

  • Transform your existing disclaimer spreadsheet into highly customisable disclaimer components.
  • Subscribe to country-specific disclaimer and disclosure requirements maintained by premium regulatory providers.
  • Integrate digital disclaimer and disclosure rules into content management systems such as Seismic or in-house applications like fund portals.
  • Replace error-prone disclaimer spreadsheets with our easy-to-use disclaimer app.
  • Dynamically adapt disclaimers to ever-changing business needs like new legal entities, products or languages.
  • Pre-approve disclaimer versions and remain assured about their correct business usage.
  • Monitor usage of disclaimers and disclosures across different teams and down-stream systems.
  • Historical changelogs and analytics ready for auditors and regulators.

From compliance experts for compliance experts

Working with Apiax means working with the trusted digital compliance partner of financial institutions and consulting firms around the world.

  • Unlock Apiax's disclaimer and disclosure expertise

    Subscribe to industry-proven and ready-to-use content requirements including disclaimers for 50+ countries constantly updated by leading regulatory providers.

  • Digitise your own disclaimers and disclosures

    Let us transform your disclaimer and disclosure spreadsheets into dynamic and highly modular disclaimer rules, covering all your use cases and content types.

  • Any language for any disclaimer

    Thanks to our multi-language setup, adding new markets or languages to your marketing content is possible without changing processes.

  • Efficient disclaimers thanks to variables and placeholders

    Variables such as the current date, fund properties or distributing legal entities allow an efficient management of disclaimer language across products and content types.

  • API-first

    Easily access our digital disclaimer and disclosure repository through our high-performing API infrastructure and ensure embedded compliance across your organisation.


We work with a wide spectrum of financial institutions, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of their unique needs and requirements.

  • We prioritise data privacy and security.
  • Apiax uses the highest levels of encryption and data is stored and processed in the EU or Switzerland.
  • We are ISO27001 certified, affirming that we take information security management very seriously.

Getting started is easy

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