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The world’s most prominent law firms, consulting and tech companies partner with Apiax to foster their business growth.

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Let's team up

Discover how you can partner with Apiax. Get in touch to find out what type of partnership is the right choice for you.

Technology Partners

If you are looking to enhance your offering with a compliance add-on, explore how Apiax embedded compliance solutions can easily integrate.

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Content Partners

Join forward-looking advisory and law firms that already provide regulatory content in a digital-rule format. Take advantage of the digital innovation within compliance - transform and sell your content digitally, to more clients, faster.

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Consulting and Implementation Partners

Help your clients stay compliant and innovate. Advise and implement compliance solutions that accelerate clients’ growth, reduce their regulatory risks, and decrease compliance costs.

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Integration Partners

Apiax integrates easily to embed compliance into clients’ existing tools and processes - making them compliant from the ground up.

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Solution Providers

Add the ability to cover complex compliance scenarios to your solution without compromising client journeys.

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Why partner with Apiax?

Join our partner program and accelerate your business growth.

Create new revenue streams

Grow your business through a solution or regulatory content upsell.

Deepen client engagement

Deliver better business outcomes for your customers.

Drive industry innovation

Lead the latest digital advancements within compliance.

Increase your product’s value

Give your users even more value and increase their adoption of your product.

Be part of a strong ecosystem

Expand your network by joining a community of industry experts and leading brands.

Benefit from revenue sharing

Create joined value and profit from revenue sharing opportunities.

Success stories

VisionCompliance provides up to date compliance training

To provide financial firms with up-to-date cross-border training, VisionCompliance partners with Apiax to access digital compliance rules covering more than 100 countries.

Don't just take our word for it

Alexandre Gaillard

CEO, InvestGlass

Thanks to Apiax technology, InvestGlass users can now clarify regulatory requirements and easily serve clients in different countries.

Ertugrul Tüfekci

Partner, KPMG Financial Services

Apiax shares our ambitions in providing digitized cross-border rules covering all types of financial services, tailored to the clients’ needs.
Our longstanding partnership enables global financial service providers to receive a state-of-the-art automated solution in all aspects of cross-border compliance.

Vincent Jeunet

CEO, New Access

Our partnership with Apiax further complements the New Access solution for private banks and wealth managers by answering regulatory questions in real-time.

millicent larrey
Millicent Larrey

Director, VisionCompliance

Apiax has helped us scale our cross-border offering to provide up-to-date training for more than 100 countries worldwide.

Want to learn more about how you can partner with Apiax?

Download our partner programme guide to get started.