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Grow ever faster by providing the right products and services globally.

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An increasing number of regulations are putting the brakes on FinTechs' ambitious growth plans and preventing them from realising their visions.

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Apiax provides instant answers to the most complex regulatory questions, enabling FinTechs to scale globally while keeping costs low and avoiding risk.

Enabling FinTechs to focus on what’s important

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Scale globally
Understand the do's and don'ts to provide new innovations globally.
Plan strategically
Find out where to offer your products and services next.
Pick up speed
Bring down time-to-market and costs of market-entry.
Preserve brand value
Avoid regulatory and reputational risks to preserve public image.

How we create value for FinTechs globally

Embedded compliance
Embed actionable compliance knowledge into any team, tool or process.
Trustful content
Tap into the regulatory knowledge of the world's leading law firms.
Broadest coverage
Cover all of your most pressing regulatory issues with Apiax.
Approved by the world's most sophisticated financial institutions.

Built for FinTechs that want to unlock their business potential

CartaX expands non-US customer base with Apiax

To grow its customer base of investors outside the US, Apiax supports CartaX with instant regulatory insights for its brokerage services.

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Swisscom enables compliant crypto transactions with Apiax

To empower their automated crypto compliance services, Apiax provides Swisscom with instant answers from a bespoke crypto AML ruleset.

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