Accelerate cross-border fund distribution with embedded compliance

Get a broader client base and close deals faster without the usual compliance friction.

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Don’t let compliance be a stopper when distributing funds globally

Boost your annual sales target with automated compliance checks.

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  • Find the answers you need in minutes without depending on your compliance team
  • Spend less time with cross-border compliance trainings
  • Replace lengthy PDF manuals and memos by automated compliance checks
  • Avoid reputational risks and unclosed deals by conducting agile pre-activity compliance checks

Broad coverage

Access cross-border fund distribution rules based on AIFMD, UCITS and more, directly embedded into the tools you already use.

Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD)

The primary goal of the AIFMD is to protect investors as well as reduce some of the systemic risk that alternative investment funds can pose to the EU and its economy.

Undertakings For Collective Investment In Transferable Securities (UCITS)

UCITS is a directive that regulates the sale of mutual funds which are managed and domiciled in countries from the European Union, and are intended to be sold to retail clients.

Enabling asset managers to close more deals faster

Reach more investors

Understand regulatory restrictions across more jurisdictions to reach more investors.

Reduce time and costs

Spend less time in compliance interactions.

Minimise risks

Understand the do’s and don’ts to minimise regulatory risks.

Stay compliant

Realise the most tailored offers regardless of regulatory complexity.

Easily integrated with any of your banking tools

Either via one of our integration partners or directly with Apiax via our API.

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Wondering how it works in practice?

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