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Discover our embedded compliance solution for cross-border fund distribution and marketing to cater for a broader client base.

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In an increasingly regulated environment, marketing and distributing funds to clients globally becomes ever more difficult.

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Apiax provides actionable answers on regulatory issues surrounding the distribution and marketing of funds, especially when the investors concerned are located in more than one country.

Broad coverage

Apiax provides embedded cross-border fund distribution regulations like AIFMD and UCITS directly embedded into the tools your team already uses.

Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD)

The primary goal of the AIFMD is to protect investors as well as reduce some of the systemic risk that alternative investment funds can pose to the EU and its economy.

Undertakings For Collective Investment In Transferable Securities (UCITS)

UCITS is a directive that regulates the sale of mutual funds which are managed and domiciled in countries from the European Union, and are intended to be sold to retail clients.

Enabling asset managers to focus on what’s important

Reach more investors
Understand regulations across more jurisdictions to reach more investors.
Reduce costs
Reduce time-consuming compliance processes for matching offers at a lower cost.
Minimise risks
Understand the do's and don'ts to minimise regulatory and reputational risks.
Add value
Realise the most tailored and value-added offers regardless of regulatory complexity.

How we create value for financial institutions globally

Embedded compliance
Embed actionable compliance knowledge into any team, tool or process.
Trusted content
Tap into the regulatory knowledge of the world's leading law firms.
Broadest coverage
Cover all of your most pressing regulatory issues with Apiax.
Approved by the world's most sophisticated financial institutions.

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