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Dependable digital rules

Boost your legal and compliance processes with Regulatory-as-a-Service (RaaS). We deliver financial service providers machine-readable regulations that are ready to be used in sophisticated digital products and services. We are content-agnostic and work with premium content partners to develop and maintain dependable rule sets on the most pressing regulatory topics.

Rules ready for multi-country situations

Our ready-to-use digital regulatory rule sets provide binary answers to complex regulatory questions for all important jurisdictions and are continuously verified and kept up to date with the latest regulatory changes by our best-in-class content partners.

Ready-to-use rules for relevant legal areas

Our digital regulatory rules cover complex, multi-jurisdictional legal areas that are highly relevant to financial service providers today.

Investment Advice

Definitive answers in investment advice


This machine-readable ruleset on investment advice clarifies open questions such as which financial services client advisors are allowed to offer, whether or not they are allowed to give advice on financial instruments, and what documents they are allowed to provide to customers.

Discretionary Asset Management

Rules governing discretionary mandates


The digital ruleset for discretionary asset management deals with issues such as which services client advisors may offer, whether they may or may not assess personal financial situations, and whether they may buy or sell a financial instrument under a discretionary mandate. It also includes answers about what documents client advisors are allowed to provide to customers.

Custody and Payment Services

Reliable answers to questions about custody and payment services


This comprehensive ruleset covers important topics such as whether or not client advisors can offer cash or securities accounts, provide customers with debit or credit cards or whether they are allowed to explain and assist with the order execution processes. It includes answers about what documents client advisor are allowed to provide to customers related to the topic.

Social Contacts

Rules governing social contacts


Dependable answers on whether or not client advisors are allowed to attend social gatherings, attend events, mention their employer or provide business cards.

Brand Marketing

Dependable answers on brand marketing


Full-scale coverage of brand marketing rules. The brand marketing ruleset covers questions such as whether or not it is allowed to provide brand material, conduct sponsoring, conduct campaigns or offer banking services and products via a website.

Loans and Credit Lines

Comprehensive coverage on loans and credit lines


This digital ruleset on loans and credit lines provides a complete overview of the issue and clarifies important questions such as which credit services can be offered and any issues related to customer documents.


Providing and discussing research material


The research ruleset gives reliable answers on whether or not financial institutions are allowed to provide and discuss macroeconomic and financial research material.

Financial Instruments

Regulatory answers for all major asset classes on ISIN-level


Our ruleset is mapped to product attributes used by major data providers and integrates seamlessly into any product universe. It provides regulatory answers on whether investment funds, bonds, equities, derivatives or structured products can be offered and under which conditions.


Tax regulations on ISIN-level


The digital tax ruleset provides tax information at ISIN level that may be used to calculate the tax impact of individual financial instruments depending on the client's tax domicile. This enables financial institutions to offer first-class investment services such as value-added investment advice or tax-efficient investment products.

Cross-Border Data Transfer

Dealing with client data in multi-country situations


Our machine-readable ruleset on cross-border data transfer answers regulatory questions on the outsourcing of services and on requirements for transferring client, employee and other types of data.


Digital disclaimer rules for financial services


The digital disclaimer ruleset allows financial service providers to generate multi-language disclaimer texts for offerings on the fly, applicable to factsheets, websites, email, and other marketing activities.

Binary rules on financial instrument level

We map our digital rules to your existing data sources to provide a compliant product offering on financial instrument level without the need to integrate additional and costly product data.


Reduced time-consuming interpretation of regulations

Rules mapped to financial instrument level for easy integration

Rules continuously verified and kept up to date with the latest regulatory changes

An underlying legal taxonomy that harmonises legal interpretation across jurisdictions