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We build powerful and flexible tools to master complex financial regulations digitally.

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Welcome to a world of digital regulations

The new era of open banking and the rise of the API economy have created a wave of change, reshaping the financial industry. We support our clients with the agility of a lean RegTech startup so that they can focus on business development and creating great experiences for their customers.

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Just as Google automated search and Expedia mechanised travel-booking, Apiax is computerising compliance.

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Companies trusting Apiax

At Apiax, we combine exceptional legal and compliance expertise with outstanding technological capabilities. Together, we build a lean yet comprehensive RegTech solution that leads the way into the future of compliance.

Get instant answers to complex regulatory requests

We fight surging costs and accelerate innovation

Financial institutions face mounting pressure from regulators. The ever-growing list of industry regulations is met with inconsistent interpretation and implementation across jurisdictions. This wave of regulatory challenges leads to surging costs, increased business risks and a deceleration in innovation.

120+ Jurisdictions
6'500+ Rulesets in action
55'000+ Single rules in action

Our RegTech solution is lean, modular and easy to use

Our lean yet comprehensive solution satisfies regulatory and business requirements and allows financial service providers to fully meet their strategic challenges. The solution is infrastructure-independent and our API-first approach provides developers with a great experience.

What experts say about us

Portrait of Andreas Iten
Andreas Iten
CIO Financial Information & Corporate Functions, SIX Group

Apiax bridges the gap between compliance and IT with its innovative way of transforming regulations into digital regulatory rules.

Portrait of Roland Cortivo
Roland Cortivo
FinTech Expert, Swisscom

Apiax is a visionary RegTech solution, helping banks to get ready for the open banking era.

Portrait of Marc Lussy
Marc Lussy
FinTech Pioneer

Apiax offers small, medium and big institutions an excellent solution to reduce compliance efforts and improve quality among the whole process.

Portrait of Marc Morant
Marc Olivier Morant
Partner & Head Flexible Legal Resources, PwC

Apiax understands how technology can make legal and compliance processes more efficient.

Transforming regulations in a truly digital way

We know the financial industry by heart, and from different angles. We help our clients – banks, wealth managers, asset managers, and challenger banks – to manage regulations in a truly digital way.

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We are techies at heart with a legal and compliance DNA

We combine more than 500 years of expertise in technology, legal and compliance, product management, marketing and sales. And we are here to transform an industry. Pleased to meet you.