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A business enablement solution for global financial institutions

Banks, wealth managers and asset managers around the world use Apiax to overcome regulatory challenges, realise business opportunities, reduce costs and mitigate risks.

Accelerate growth

Reach more clients in more countries, and faster than ever before.

Decrease costs

Reduce compliance overhead with instantly available, targeted regulatory answers.

Reduce risks

Avoid regulatory and reputational risks with clear do’s and don’ts.

Built for companies that want to unlock their business potential 

Raiffeisen ensures tax-efficiency of discretionary mandates with Apiax

To ensure tax efficiency of their discretionary mandates, Apiax enables Raiffeisen with a periodic portfolio check covering all relevant markets.

Credit Suisse simplifies the application of in-house policies for clients in over 90 countries

With Apiax, Credit Suisse achieves an 8-fold drop* in compliance breaches and 90% effort savings* for internal compliance support. Their over 3’500 investment experts worldwide make compliant business decisions every day with regulatory dos and dont’s flagged right in their advisory tools. (*Outside-in estimate)

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MBaer offers advisory services globally with Apiax

To offer its unique banking services globally, Apiax provides MBaer Merchant Bank with clear guidance on its most pressing regulatory issues in the advisory business.

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Kendris boosts onboarding speed with Apiax

To onboard complex client structures more efficiently, Apiax provides Kendris with a dynamic, shareable list of AML identification and beneficial owner verification requirements.

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Swisscom enables compliant crypto transactions with Apiax

To empower their automated crypto compliance services, Apiax provides Swisscom with instant answers from a bespoke crypto AML ruleset.

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VisionCompliance provides digital cross-border training and certification for family offices and private banks with Apiax

With Apiax, VisionCompliance offers online cross-border training with up-to-date and verified content using API access to our repository of regulatory answers, covering more than 100 countries.

How Apiax works

Apiax is the easiest, fastest way for regulated entities to put growth at the heart of business operations.

  • Access regulatory content maintained and verified by the world’s leading law firms.
  • Adapt regulatory answers to your own risk appetite and business needs.
  • Embed compliance into any team, tool or process for fully compliant business growth.

What clients say about us

Leaders in financial services, compliance and technology.

Martin Jan Schinkelshoek

Senior Compliance Specialist Cross-border, Raiffeisen

We use Apiax digital cross-border solution both as a compliance heatmap to understand country-specific restrictions and in an intranet app allowing our 10'000+ employees to quickly clarify the do’s and don’ts per country. Cross-border rules are managed fully digital in a centralised way.

Andreas Meier

Head of Governance Systems, Raiffeisen Schweiz Genossenschaft

The digitalisation of our governance systems is the key to effectively supporting Raiffeisen Group in complying with regulatory requirements in our day-to-day work. In collaboration with Apiax, a competent and innovative partner, we are transforming complex regulations into user-friendly digital solutions. Apiax has been a valuable partner in our digital transformation journey. We are confident that their expertise and innovation will continue to help us meet future challenges.

Jérémie Nusbaum

Senior Compliance Officer, PostFinance

As an experienced provider of regulatory solutions, Apiax has played a key role in helping us to efficiently overcome the specific cross-border challenges in the universal banking business.

michael gassman portrait
Michael Gassmann

Former Program Manager Applicable Offering, Credit Suisse

Together with the Apiax team, we developed a tailor-made, global solution for Credit Suisse, that ensures seamless product applicability checks within our existing core advisory and trade execution tools. We have seen substantial benefits on both the user experience and risk management side.

gion andre
Gion-André Lutz

Product Manager Investment Products, Raiffeisen

Apiax supports us with an easy-to-use portfolio check solution on financial instrument level, enabling our investment experts to easily identify tax-inefficient investments in a market portfolio without the need for manual clarification or tax handbooks.

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