Shaping Regulatory Compliance for Banks

Bring down compliance costs and mitigate risks with embedded compliance: the future of regulatory compliance for banks.

Empowering legal teams with embedded compliance

Reduce compliance breaches to 0%

Compliance automation removes the hassle of monitoring regulatory compliance in banking since you’re always up to date with the latest regulatory changes.

Digitise and automate compliance processes

Country manuals are digitised and embedded in your tools to allow you access regulatory knowledge from one single hub, backed by the world-leading legal content providers.

Increase operational productivity

Embedded compliance replaces manual compliance processes with instant accurate answers to pressing regulatory questions, right when and where the teams most need them.

The cost of regulatory compliance in banks

Compliance in banking still represents a major expenditure. Financial institutions often recur to the world’s forefront companies that provide banking regulatory compliance services, not only to augment their internal teams with external regulatory compliance experts but also to get practical regulatory compliance advice. Although it may be suitable as a short-term solution, it ends up being an expensive and non-scalable approach if conducted long-term.


Reducing the costs of compliance in banks doesn’t necessarily mean downsizing. It’s about adopting the right regulatory compliance tools that enable a more transparent day-to-day operation across departments, reducing the existing bottleneck in the compliance team, while boosting productivity.

Automated regulatory compliance for banks

The perspective of having regulatory compliance as a business enabler instead of a blocker is a game-changer. 

At Apiax, we allow that transformation to happen smoothly by embedding compliance into your processes and existent banking tools with compliance automation. All in a highly secure and reliable way.

apiax and regulatory compliance for banks
  • Embed actionable compliance knowledge into any team, tool or process.
  • Have the world’s leading law firms as suppliers of regulatory knowledge
  • + 3.5 Million regulatory answers available to cover all of your most pressing regulatory issues 
  • Trusted by the most sophisticated financial institutions around the globe.

Companies that are leveraging regulatory compliance with Apiax

Kendris boosts onboarding speed with Apiax

To onboard complex client structures more efficiently, Apiax provides Kendris with a dynamic, shareable list of AML identification and beneficial owner verification requirements.

kendris website
MBaer offers advisory services globally with Apiax

To offer its unique banking services globally, Apiax provides MBaer Merchant Bank with clear guidance on its most pressing regulatory issues in the advisory business.

mbaer logo
Raiffeisen ensures tax-efficiency of discretionary mandates with Apiax

To ensure tax efficiency of their discretionary mandates, Apiax enables Raiffeisen with a periodic portfolio check covering all relevant markets.

Learn how to achieve hassle-free compliance processes with embedded compliance.

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