Offer compliant products and services via digital channels in all jurisdictions

Display only allowed products and services in accordance with local regulations.

cross inside red circleProblem

Complex regulatory requirements prevent marketing and sales from quickly launching new products in digital channels and meeting clients expectations.

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Apiax highlights regulatory requirements for marketing and sales activities directly in the tools they already use, enabling a quicker go-to-market and exceptional customer experiences, avoiding lengthy disclaimers.

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How Apiax solves it

Apiax’ embedded regulatory compliance software allows your team to do more activities that are compliant faster.

Perform compliance checks in real-time
Act immediately according to market developments
Integrate into existing tools and systems
Access it 24/7, from anywhere
Retrieve the latest regulatory requirements
Get yes or no answers straight away
Achieve compliance by design

Covering a wide range of products and offering scenarios for more than 170 jurisdictions

  • Website Marketing

    Only display allowed financial services and investment products according to visitors' specific information.

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  • Marketing Materials Check

    Create compliant product and service materials faster than ever.

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  • Fund Distribution

    Market and distribute investment funds globally and compliantly.

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Drive results with embedded compliance

Financial institutions using embedded compliance grow revenue and act faster while reducing manual processes and compliance risks.


Up to 12x faster suitability checks*


Up to 200x better time-to-market*


Up to 5x better prospect retention*


Up to 10% less in cash reserves for client litigation cases and regulatory fines*
*Calculated for Swiss Tier 1 bank project with Apiax
Global asset manager secures 20% higher sales efficiency with the display of fully compliant funds online
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Empower every team with embedded compliance

Marketing Managers

Create better offers to reach more clients and prospects with tailored products and services.

Sales Managers

Serve a broader audience in digital channels and enhance your offerings.

Compliance Managers

Liberate your schedule! Fewer compliance checks and compliance monitoring.

IT Managers

Integrate easily and get up to speed autonomously.


Embed into the tools you already use

Apiax integrates seamlessly with leading tools in the investment management world.

Getting started is easy.

Start embedding compliance into your applications and processes with Apiax today.