Deliver suitable wealth management products and services to clients globally

Provide the right services and products to more clients in more countries, and faster.

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A growing number of regulations discourage financial institutions from doing business globally and increase costs and risks for ambitious wealth managers.

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Apiax provides answers to wealth managers' most pressing regulatory questions, enabling them to realise more business opportunities, while keeping costs low and risks under control.

Enabling wealth managers to focus on what’s important

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Serve more clients

Retrieve regulatory requirements across jurisdictions at the click of a button.

Book more meetings

Realise more client meetings with easy access to regulatory restrictions.

Offer added value

Provide tailored services and advise in the most highly regulated products.

Reduce risks

Understand the do’s and don’ts to avoid regulatory and reputational risks.

How we create value for wealth managers globally

Embedded compliance

Embed actionable compliance knowledge into any team, tool or process.

Trusted content

Tap into the regulatory knowledge of the world’s leading law firms.

Broadest coverage

Cover all of your most pressing regulatory issues with Apiax.


Approved by the world’s most sophisticated financial institutions.

Built for wealth managers that want to unlock their business potential

MBaer offers advisory services globally with Apiax

To offer its unique banking services globally, Apiax provides MBaer Merchant Bank with clear guidance on its most pressing regulatory issues in the advisory business.

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