Embedded compliance for asset management

Facilitate product distribution, offer value-added services and build your brand.

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Fragmented, inaccessible compliance knowledge complicates asset managers' ability to provide compliant product materials, distribute funds globally, or efficiently conduct compliance reviews on websites.

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Apiax provides asset managers with regulatory insights directly in the tools they already use. This allows them to respond more quickly to client needs and market developments while remaining compliant with regulations.

Serve global clients faster while staying compliant

Serving global clients can often be costly, as regulations are constantly changing and asset managers must adapt to each client scenario. With embedded compliance, asset managers replace manual and time-consuming compliance checks with regulatory insights directly in the tools they already use.

  • Compliant product materials

    Know the dos and don'ts of each material tailored to every client scenario.

  • Distribute funds globally

    Market and distribute investment funds globally and compliantly.

    Fund Distribution
  • Automated website checks

    Display tailored, compliant online product offerings for each individual website visitor.

    Website Checks

Quickly expand your borders

Make your business present in new markets and grow in existing ones.

  • Get the support you need in more than 170 jurisdictions.
  • Know the dos and don’ts for new and existing countries right away.
  • Dramatically reduce go-to-market time for your products and services globally.
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Get the support you need

Carry out your activities knowing that, behind the scenes, embedded compliance always has your back.

  • Consume verified regulatory content from the world’s leading law firms.
  • Choose your preferred content provider and even work with multiple ones.
  • Allow the work behind the scenes to support your business activities from anywhere.

Embed into the tools you already use

Apiax integrates seamlessly with leading trading softwares and CRMs.

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