Leverage regulatory compliance knowledge to exceed client expectations

Highlight regulatory restrictions for relationship managers right in their CRMs to enable an improved customer experience.

cross inside red circleProblem

Fragmented, inaccessible regulatory compliance knowledge prevents relationship managers from providing better client onboarding experiences, understanding regulatory restrictions for servicing clients and avoiding error-prone post-activity compliance monitoring.

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Apiax flags regulatory implications for relationship managers right in their CRMs, enabling fast and controlled processes that improve client experience.

"With the pace of change in client behaviour and technology, accompanied by an ever-present regulatory agenda, the structure must be agile and adaptable to face current and future disruption."
PwC, Future of Sales
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How Apiax solves it

Apiax’s embedded regulatory compliance software enables relationship management to deliver tailored services to clients faster than ever before.

Easy integration into existing CRMs
Easy integration into existing client onboarding processes
Clear, dependable dos and don'ts when servicing clients
Perform compliance checks on-the-go
Perform faster pre-activity checks
Built to optimise client experience
Simulate offering scenarios
Built to decrease reputational risks

Covering a wide range of client types and servicing scenarios for more than 170 jurisdictions

  • Identification and Verification Checks

    Accelerate even the most complex client onboarding processes.

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  • Meeting Preparation

    Prepare even the most complex client meeting in minutes.

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  • Travel Management

    Plan trips faster and according to regulatory requirements.


Drive results with embedded compliance

Financial institutions using embedded compliance grow revenue and act faster while reducing manual processes and compliance risks.


Up to 5x better prospect retention*


Up to 8-fold reduction in compliance breaches*
*Calculated for Swiss Tier 1 bank project with Apiax
MBaer offers advisory services globally with Apiax.
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Empower every team with embedded compliance

Sales Leaders

Improve your team's overall sales process efficiency and focus on providing the best client experiences, not compliance.

Relationship Managers

Act faster upon clients' requests with more activities that are in line with regulations.

Compliance Managers

Liberate your schedule! Less compliance checks and compliance monitoring activities.

Operations Managers

Implement with ease and harvest faster compliant activities as a result.


Embed into the tools you already use

Apiax integrates seamlessly with leading tools in client lifecycle management.

Getting started is easy.

Start embedding compliance into your applications and processes with Apiax today.