Instant answers to inform the right market moves

The Apiax Apps bring embedded compliance into every decision at any team, thanks to actionable binary answers to client scenarios for any jurisdiction. All within a few clicks.

How it works

Getting reliable answers to the most pressing business questions now comes with embedded controls according to the latest financial regulations

Sign in to your Apiax account from anywhere

Sign in to your Apiax account from anywhere

Enter your questions

Enter your questions

Get clear yes-or-no answers, immediately

Get clear yes-or-no answers, immediately

Image of the cross-border compliance app
Cross-Border Compliance app

Provide multimarket investment expertise with ease

The Cross-Border Compliance app supports the day-to-day of wealth- and asset managers with side by side comparisons of different product scenarios across multiple jurisdictions. By covering a wide range of activities – from investment advice to fund distribution and brand marketing – the app gives clear yes-or-no answers and detailed remarks wrapped up in a simple user interface.

Image of the data processing app
Data Processing app

Cut through the noise of global data processing rules

The app makes it easy for different stakeholders to keep activities fully compliant whenever collecting, using, storing and handling personal data is involved. From client-facing to marketing, HR or IT – any team can understand what data processing requirements apply to any scenario in only a few clicks.

Image of the client onboarding app
Client Onboarding app

Ready to onboard in minutes with shareable checklists

Instead of weeks lost in feedback loops, relationship managers can now prepare for complex onboarding processes in an instant. The client onboarding app aggregates granular checklists by roles with detailed document requirements and remarks. All neatly organised on a single password-protected screen that advisors can share with anyone.

All the benefits

We offer a growing portfolio of apps for wealth- and asset managers who want to serve more clients and sell more products while verified compliance controls embedded in their tools take care of the rest.

Binary answers

Clear yes-or-no answers about the restrictions to your most pressing market decisions

Up-to-date rules

Kept always up-to-date with the latest laws by Apiax regulatory partners and consultants

Fast reaction

Apps empower you to instantly address client requests

Increased confidence

Availability of clear answers means increased regulatory certainty

Low risk exposure

Any-time compliance and minimised risk exposure

Business development

New clients in new markets catered for at the click of a button

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