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Automated pre-trade compliance checks

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With the advent of digital wealth management, order and trade flows must be efficient and cost-effective. At the same time, since the outbreak of the financial crisis, the implementation of pre-trading compliance measures has become an important task for banks worldwide. Digital compliance rules are the piece that completes the gap between the increasing digitalization of wealth management and compliance in trade execution and order management.

Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, the implementation of pre-trading compliance measures has become an important task for banks worldwide.

Automated pre-trade checks with digital compliance rules

The increasing number of regulatory requirements represents a major challenge for many private and universal banks. The complexity of regulation is increasing, as is the divergence and volatility of global regulation. Banks, therefore, need to develop automated solutions that can quickly adapt to complex requirements. The trick is to create digital compliance repositories that can be integrated into any process easily.

To remain compliant, digital processes must be empowered by digital compliance rules.

Fully integrated pre-trade compliance checks

In pre-trade compliance checks, the representative of a bank assesses whether customers are allowed to invest in a recommended or desired product. This assessment evaluates the consistency between the product characteristics, the investment objectives stated by the client and the risk profile as well as the knowledge and experience of the client. Compliance with local and global regulatory standards adds further, substantial complexity.

For an accurate result, customer and product data must be aligned with reliable digital cross-border compliance rules to ensure comprehensive, automated pre-trade compliance checks.

With the help of our solution, the compliance staff creates a set of digital compliance rules that combines all relevant requirements, both internal and external. Compliance officers enter these rules into our platform or access them through our premium regulatory content partners. The rules are then distributed where they are needed, whether to an advisory solution, a trading solution or an order management system. With this simple process, our solution can enable automated pre-trade compliance checks that check all boxes.

Start working with digital compliance solutions now

Start now with RegTech tools that help you ensure automated pre-trade checks in trade execution and order management. Master the complexity of regulations, stay compliant and productive. Work with a robust and holistic compliance framework. Download the white paper below to learn more or arrange a meeting with one of our RegTech specialists.

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