Manage complex financial regulations digitally

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The digital workplace for regulatory experts

The Apiax platform delivers legal, compliance, risk and tax experts everything they need to transform complex financial regulations into digital rules and to manage these rules efficiently.


Transform in-house expertise into digital regulatory rules


Adapt ready-to-use digital rules to your risk appetite


Build, review and maintain a unified digital regulatory repository


Monitor rule execution to ensure end-to-end auditability


Work together on rule transformation and adaptation


Insightful visualisations, embedded legal rationales and taxonomy


Spread rules across organisations and into digital services and products


Turn digital rules into actionable intelligence

The Apiax platform empowers regulatory experts to cope with regulatory complexity and to empower digital services and products.
Team of lawyers collaborate on Apiax SaaS RegTech Platform

Leverage ready-to-use machine-readable rules

The Apiax platform gives you easy access to our ready-to-use machine readable rules. These rule sets cover the most pressing regulatory topics and are continuously verified and kept up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes by our premium content partners.
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Improve collaboration and understanding

The platform empowers distributed teams to collaborate seamlessly. A unified rule repository ensures consistency across entire organisations. Unique visualisations and embedded legal rationales provide full transparency over rules in action.

Customized Rule

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Rule Template

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Full traceability and auditability

Don’t get a blackbox. On our single-pane RegTech workbench for legal, compliance, risk and tax experts, every change to rules is tracked and documented, including all relevant legal rationales. This ensures full traceability of decisions. Monitoring of rule execution ensures end-to-end auditability, satisfying auditors and regulators. Monitoring rule usage enables cost allocation per business unit.


  • Increased regulatory certainty that puts regulatory experts back in control

  • Improved work collaboration and harmonised regulatory knowledge

  • A unified regulatory repository allows to scale regulatory work

  • Traced regulatory coverage that satisfies auditors and regulators

  • Complex financial regulations transformed into machine-readable digital rules

  • Can be used the with Apiax rule engine or 3rd party rule engines

  • Easy and flexible integration with innovative API

  • Ready-to-use adaptors for core banking systems