The single platform for compliance-driven businesses

Turn complex regulations into a business enabler and scale compliance practices across even the most distributed teams. The Apiax platform comes in three modules that organisations can unlock and combine to better adjust to their structure, needs and existing technology stack.


Zoom into actionable compliance knowledge from leading providers

Get easy access to granular details about the decision trees and smart policies that make up your compliance protocols. The Apiax View module enables you to work with and explore verified regulatory content through our platform or in-house - seamlessly integrated into your system.


Rule View

Unlocking Rule View grants access to detailed information about the regulatory properties of the decision trees that are the backbone of more than 6 500 rulesets and more than 55 000 active rules.


Smart Policy View

Access an interactive tabular view of the Decision trees with tags and colour codes to accelerate navigation and understanding. Filter for use cases and easily access taxonomy definitions used in rules.


Change Log

Track changes on documents by user: creation, deletion, activation, deactivation, access permissions, tagging. Audit user activity and comments on nodes, action nodes and branches.


Digitalise and customise your own regulatory expertise

Adjust regulatory knowledge to your language, entity structure and risk appetite. Make use of our friendly digitalisation environment to turn your expertise into digital compliance rules and to make this knowledge easily accessible for everyone.


Rule Customisation

Customise decision trees to meet the specific needs of your organisation - add branches, activate and deactivate nodes or build new rules from standard country rules to ensure flawless knowledge sharing.


Taxonomy Customisation

Tweak taxonomy terms to better address the language of your organisation, automate taxonomy usage for rules according to user and jurisdiction.


Legal Entity License Customisation

Enable the automatic application of relevant licences on a company level. All that users need to do is select the corporate branch they belong to before executing rules in the apps.


Superlogic Customisation

Define the risk appetite of your organisation by customising the default rule aggregation superlogic depending on country rules relevant for your strategy.


Collaborate with colleagues and external specialists

Equip your compliance team with the right tools to collaborate efficiently on rule transformation and adaptation and empower them to work seamlessly with external regulatory specialists, including Apiax’s premium content partners.



Share knowledge where it matters instead of flipping through screens or apps. The comment functionality in the Rule Editor allows you to easily track and keep up with conversations.


Approval Process

Define the rule approval flow by assigning user permissions for editing, reviewing and rule deployment. Easily align your Apiax rule management with in-house protocols and keep track of every step from concept to activation.

Join leading companies in becoming compliant by design