Implementation at your own pace 

One size fits none. Apiax offers several integration options to support financial organisations in enhancing their teams, tools and processes with embedded compliance.

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How it works

Mix and match between standalone usage of the Apiax apps, integration of client-branded widgets, full code API or work with us through one of the many third-party tools we can support.

No integration

Apiax App Portal

Make use of your preferred machine-readable rules through the apps available on the App Portal. In a few clicks, you get instant answers to inform the right market decisions with embedded compliance already in place.

Lean integration

Branded UI Widgets

Our client-branded UI widgets allow you to bring any Apiax app in-house and use it as a native tool. Select the right rulesets and regulatory knowledge, and get started hassle-free.

Full integration

Apiax API

Our well-documented use-case based APIs save precious implementation time and resources and help enterprises to scale compliance practices hassle-free across teams.

Third-party integrations

We are tool-agnostic and make it easy to implement regulatory rules and products into existing technology stacks via your preferred third-party services.

On-demand connectors

Don't see the third-party software you are currently using? Get in touch and we'll make it happen.