Why you should join the Apiax team

At Apiax, we are committed to making a real impact on the financial services industry. Redefining the future of compliance, our advanced digital solutions bring huge benefits to those operating within this space. We are always on the lookout for new talents across departments and locations to join us on our exciting journey, who are ready to challenge the market and take on the world.

Where is Apiax?

Apiax has Swiss roots but has since expanded worldwide. In addition to our headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, we’re also represented across Europe, with a more significant presence in Lisbon and London. We have also begun expanding worldwide, starting with Singapore. Here’s why we’ve chosen these exact locations:

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is home to a fruitful ecosystem of institutions, capital, Fortune 500 HQs that attracts innovators and entrepreneurs from all over the world — especially those from the FinTech scene. Nestled in the heart of Europe, Zurich’s reputable education, finance and innovation make it a thriving place for companies and individuals alike. 

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has become one of the hottest places for creative and tech companies in recent years, and become home for the world-renown Web Summit conference. Entrepreneurs, digital nomads and talented freelancers have come from all over the world to enjoy the affordable city’s extraordinary quality of life. 

London, UK

London is irrefutably one of the largest and most innovative business ecosystems. Its renowned vibrant community and high concentration of capital and international talent truly benefit the FinTech and RegTech industries. The UK capital is currently home to more unicorn tech companies than any other European city.


Singapore boasts of a strong financial service economy and booming tech scene, which attracts businesses worldwide. When considering where to first locate in Asia, Singapore was a no-brainer. 

We truly believe that our workplaces are of great importance, provide inspiration and keep us strongly engaged with our company culture. Like many companies in this current world climate, Apiax has also adjusted and taken all the measures needed to secure safe working environments for all employees. At this moment, most company employees are working from home remotely and only permitted to work from our offices if local authorities allow it. 

Apiax values and company culture

Our core values are trust, transparency and focus. These are the essential and enduring principles that steer us in all interactions with our stakeholders.

Work life at a growth company can be like a close-knit family. We want Apiax to be a place where you can be true to yourself and feel supported in your career, as well as enjoy fun team moments and celebrate milestones along the way.  We are convinced that it is the people behind the machines who do the magic.

We value the individuals and the unique talents and skillsets brought to the company. We encourage employees to put ideas into action and try new methods in a transparent and decentralised way. Your opinions are heard and taken on board, something that is core to the company’s culture, values and success. 

Apiax structure

As in many growth companies, at Apiax you will have the opportunity to build upon your existing skills and gain experience across functional areas.  You will work closely alongside company founders and senior management.

This allows for a mentorship learning environment with plenty of information sharing and project impact. We have no glass ceiling, meaning it is up to you how much you want to learn and how you boost your own value within the company. We also encourage an agile work environment and give full ownership of entire projects.

Having small teams and an agile framework can also mean that you might encounter new challenges and opportunities on a daily basis, which can sometimes lead to a steeper-than-usual learning curve. This can also mean that you’ll sometimes find yourself wearing many ‘hats’ within your role, meaning you’ll take on a variety of tasks within your role.

This is also why we advocate for an inclusive work environment and believe in a horizontal way of communication. Apiax’s company structure follows the method of holacracy, which decentralizes management and hierarchy, and disseminates decision-making across self-organizing teams; also known as circles.

We are convinced that happy employees are efficient, productive and motivated. This is why we also offer flexible working arrangements based on the individual circumstances of each employee. 

Why you should join Apiax

We are always on the lookout for highly motivated and experienced individuals to enrich our team and help us pursue our vision for Apiax. We seek talented people who understand our culture and share the same passion for technology.

Have we convinced you to take the leap with Apiax? If so, check out our open positions — it’s now your turn to convince us! Let us know if you are the one we are looking for, and we will tell you more about our plans for the future.

We’re committed to finding equally innovative and visionary people and give them ownership of fun, challenging and exciting new projects. With us, you’ll be working with ground-breaking technology in a multi-disciplinary environment and be able to call yourself a game-changer!

Join our team and become part of an exciting journey. We look forward to hearing from you!

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