Apiax partners with Seismic to provide joint customers with automated disclaimers for any type of marketing material

Apiax, an Embedded Compliance provider for the financial services industry, is thrilled to announce its strategic alliance with Seismic, the global leader in enablement. Seismic serves hundreds of asset managers and banks around the world and partnered with Apiax to continue providing value for its global client base. 

Choosing the right disclaimer and correct formatting guidelines when sending marketing material such as presentations, factsheets or e-mails, can be complex and time-consuming tasks. A global client base and internal compliance approvals add even more complexity to these tasks. 

Apiax provides a solution to automatically create disclaimer texts for marketing materials and place them into documents generated on the Seismic Enablement CloudTM. Disclaimers are always pre-approved by compliance, cover more than 50 countries, and are validated by globally leading audit firms. 

The exciting partnership between Apiax and Seismic provides joint customers the option to further automate the creation of fully compliant marketing materials in even the most complex cross-border setups. This ensures effortless navigation in this complex topic. 

Philip Schoch, CEO of Apiax, says: “Our partnership with Seismic is great news for the whole Apiax and Seismic user community. The two companies have very complementary offerings and together further automate sales processes by embedding compliance directly into the sales enablement flow. I am looking forward to gradually expanding this offering and deepening the partnership.” 

Kristin Hagan, Vice President, Global Partnerships at Seismic, adds: “Our new partnership with Apiax is significantly important to our global financial services customers, helping to automate and streamline the cross-border and international compliance processes. We’re excited to continue investing in our platform and partnerships to help firms operate more efficiently and serve clients in the most efficient manner.”

This collaboration aligns seamlessly with Apiax’s forward-looking growth strategy, which will now see the technology firm expand into tools that US financial firms already use. 

See the full press release here.

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