Apiax, a leading embedded compliance provider, joins Reynen Court Solution Store

Reynen Court, Inc., the legal technology platform supported by a consortium of twenty of the largest international law firms, announced that Apiax’s embedded compliance solution has been added to its Solution Store.

Apiax’s solution is used by a large network of law firms and regulatory experts around the world. A number of forward-looking advisory and law firms use Apiax to provide their regulatory content in a digital format. This new digital format allows law firms to sell their legal content to more clients, faster.

Law firms are beginning to provide their legal content digitally. “We are delighted that Apiax has partnered with Reynen Court and has been added to their platform. Apiax is pleased to meet the growing demand for digital regulatory content in the Reynen Court Solution Store,” said Alan Blanchard, Business Development, Apiax.

Sam Moore, Legal Tech Ecosystem Strategist, Reynen Court, said: “Digitising compliance advice, especially in complex multi-jurisdictional matters, has never been more important. Legal teams and law departments alike are navigating increasingly complex regulations to arrive at informed advice for their clients and stakeholders, and innovative solutions such as Apiax have a vital role to play in meeting this challenge. We’re delighted to welcome Apiax to our vendor community as an exciting player in the ‘Reg Tech’ space.”

Apiax is pleased to be part of the Reynen Court Solution Store with its innovative technology that makes legal knowledge easier to access for financial institutions and drives new revenue streams for law firms.

About Apiax

Apiax builds a lean yet comprehensive technology solution that makes it radically simple for companies to comply with global regulations. Completely digital, our clients can focus on their core business again: creating great customer experiences.


About Reynen Court

Reynen Court Inc. makes it fast, easy and secure for law firms and in-house legal departments to discover, test, adopt and manage Artificial Intelligence, Smart Contracts, and other new technologies. The platform enables firms to run cloud-based applications either on-premises or within virtual private clouds under their own control—thus giving access to modern software solutions without requiring a sacrifice of security or stability.


About Apiax

Apiax helps financial institutions to expand their business opportunities with compliance automation. Welcome to our blog!