Integrate digital regulatory rules into your systems

Picture shows example of Apiax API code

An API tailor-made for regulations

Our innovative, well-documented and well-tested API provides financial institutions with everything they need to integrate digital regulatory rules into their systems.

Enterprise Ready

Built for business-critical processes with high need of availability


Use-case centric API allows quick and easy integration


High level of end-to-end security protects data at any time


Industry best practices guarantee high stability for applications

The Apiax API gives financial institutions immediate access to the benefits of regulatory technology and is ready for the open banking era.
Connected dots symbolise power of Apiax API

Based on proven technologies

Our API is based on proven technologies such as REST and GraphQL. These technologies offer powerful developer tools, best-in-class performance and great usability. With our work, we pioneer the use of these technologies for regulations and kickstart the future of regulatory technology in financial institutions and beyond.

Great API experience

We offer developers an extensive API documentation that allows them to understand and apply our API efficiently. We see ourselves not just as an API-first company, but also as a developers-first company. Our API is built by developers for developers.


Easy access to machine-readable regulatory rules

Accessible documentation for business functions and developers

Compliant applications at decreased development time

Extensive support and dedicated community

High availability and high redundancy for business-critical processes

Bi-temporal API allows requests for any specific time in any context