Speed up project roll-outs in more countries

Simplify data protection impact assessments to leverage project capabilities across more jurisdictions

cross inside red circleProblem

Financial institutions often struggle to understand whether a project is impacted by data protection regulations and if so, how.

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Apiax empowers business stakeholders to independently run high-level territorial impact assessments on their own, leading to quicker project deployments across more jurisdictions.

Enabling financial services providers to focus on what’s important

Do more projects

Easily conduct an impact assessment for a project in different jurisdictions in a matter of minutes.

Prioritise better

Deliver in the countries that work best for the project strategy.

Minimise risks

Know the do’s and don’ts for different countries at the touch of a button.

Avoid issues

Identify and avoid project deployment risks.

How we create value for financial institutions globally

Embedded compliance

Embed actionable compliance knowledge into any team, tool or process.

Trusted content

Tap into the regulatory knowledge of the world’s leading law firms.

Broadest coverage

Cover all of your most pressing regulatory issues with Apiax.


Approved by the world’s most sophisticated financial institutions.

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