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RegTech for digital wealth management solutions

Digital Wealth Management

More than a decade ago, first-generation online wealth management solutions included questionnaires and product/portfolio proposals listing ETFs, stocks and bonds. Since then, the degree of sophistication and automation of digital wealth management solutions has increased consistently. Right now, we are graduating to a world of fully automated investments, client interactions and asset shifts. Oh, and mobile applications to make it all happen on the go. The missing piece to the puzzle of digital wealth management solutions are digital, machine-readable regulations.

Digital regulatory rules are the missing piece to the puzzle of digital wealth management solutions.

RegTech benefits for digital wealth management

Machine-readable regulatory rules have many benefits, but the three main ones are: expanding your reach, confidence that you’re giving compliant investment advice and adding sophisticated new value to financial services.

Subscribing to cross-border rules or market-specific rules that govern new business areas is exceptionally easy with digital regulations and offers an immediate way to expand the reach of wealth management solutions.

Digital regulations are divisible, flexible and scalable, so digital wealth managers can begin by purchasing only the exact regulations they need first, for clients already onboard or for implementing an initial business strategy. After creating a comfort zone with the technology early on, additional regulatory coverage and dependable answers are available to add on at any time.

Digital regulations allow financial institutions to expand their reach, always give compliant investment advice and offer value-added investment services.

Compliance and more transactions with RegTech

Digital rules always deliver the latest regulatory details on local distribution laws and product restrictions and allow digital wealth managers to always stay compliant, to clarify regulatory requirements for clients and to serve new clients in a new business context effortlessly.

Digital regulations enable increased automation and minimise the need for manual interaction, resulting in speedy straight through processing of transactions. Annoying delays are eliminated, and you can settle a greater volume of transactions more quickly in the same time period, while easily making contract deadlines.

We’ve identified the turn to RegTech as one of the three main trends in digital wealth management 2018 on our blog.

Compliance challenges today demand that financial service providers develop scalable, modular solutions. Access to digitalised regulatory knowledge is essential to staying competitive.

Leverage RegTech solutions for your wealth management solution now

Today’s complex web of laws and regulations governing financial transactions presents a big challenge to wealth managers everywhere. Fortunately, the regulatory certainty and consistency gained from RegTech solutions reduces compliance costs and administrative overhead, freeing up more time and human resources for generating new business. Start working with RegTech solutions now to make your business more productive and successful. To find out how exactly, read our whitepaper and schedule a meeting with one of our RegTech strategists.

Leverage the Benefits of RegTech in Your Digital Solutions

  • Read how financial institutions can use RegTech solutions to expand the reach of their services.
  • Learn how financial service providers can work with sophisticated APIs.
  • Explore the opportunities of real straight-through processing.

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