Data Protection Requirements for Marketing Campaigns

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Data Protection Restrictions

Learn how to create applications covering global data protection restrictions for marketing campaigns with our rules for Territorial Scoping API, Data Classification API, Processing Condition API and Data Processing API.

This guide shows you how to:

  1. Assess if your business setup is impacted by a certain country’s data protection legislation

  2. Retrieve the proper data class by properly classifying your data subject-specific for a target country

  3. Retrieve conditions on how to process data

  4. Get final results under what requirements data can be processed and what alternatives exist

Flow of API calls

Data processing api diagram

Retrieve respective data processing rules

Data Processing rules provide clear yes and no answers if data can be processed under data protection laws for a country in focus. Since data protection law often allows data processing given certain conditions are met, the results provided by the rules often contain a yes answer with specific requirements and remarks

Combining the yes with these conditions allows you to create clear instructions for numerous data processing scenarios.

In a first step, provide the country in focus relevant for the data processor and the relevant country in respect of the data subject to properly assess the territorial scoping of these (potentially two different) countries in scope.