Client Onboarding

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Client Onboarding

Learn how to create a fully compliant client onboarding process using the rules for Client Classification API, Client Identification Natural Person API, Client Identification Non-Natural Person API and KYC API for more many countries.

This guide shows you how to:

  1. Retrieve relevant Client Onboarding rules used to classify client types and request the proper identification formalities such as documentation, passport copies or signature requirements and KYC information.

  2. Understand the results and integrate them into your onboarding application.

Flow of API sequence

In order to understand which formalities are necessary, you initially need to understand mandatory and optional roles in a legal entity setup. Once you have the roles, we request all formalities for all roles and finally the necessary KYC requirements.

The typical flow for an onboarding application and how the APIAX APIs play in are illustrated below.

Client onboarding api diagram

Retrieve respective client onboarding rules

Create a request for the Client Classification API

You will need to request the Client Classification API with entityType and entityTypeSpecific to retrieve all roles involved in your setup. …