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The Apiax ecosystem is a powerful network of companies willing to make a contribution to digitising the regulatory world.

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Apply now Who we are
Apiax Ecosystem

The Apiax ecosystem includes consulting and implementation partners, software partners, and content partners. Its goal is to push forward collaboration in RegTech so that all financial services professionals are able to profit from digital machine-readable regulatory rules.

Why collaborate with Apiax?

At Apiax, we combine exceptional legal and compliance expertise with outstanding technological capabilities. Together, we build a lean yet comprehensive RegTech solution that makes it radically simple for companies to comply with regulations. If you want to be at the forefront of this digital revolution in compliance, reach out!

We based our solution on Apiax' technology to futureproof our offering.

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A selection of companies that collaborate with Apiax.

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How to collaborate with Apiax

At Apiax we identify following types of collaboration: consulting and implementation partners, software partners, and content partners. The key benefits are listed below.

Consulting and Implementation Partner

Consulting and implementation partners help our customers from defining a target operating model to integrating Apiax rules into their processes.

  • Support your clients with digital rule management projects
  • Get insights and training from Apiax project experts
  • Earn revenue share on Apiax technology sale
  • Provide customers with a customisable framework
Software Partner

Software partners extend their existing software solutions by integrating Apiax rules.

  • Earn revenue share on Apiax technology sale
  • Provide your clients with confidence
  • Save time thanks to our standard API
  • Enhance your software with a compliance plug-in
Content Partners

Content partners provide us with regulatory content, which is maintained and kept up-to-date on our Apiax platform.

  • Expand the reach of your regulatory content
  • Become a RegTech-enabled legal and regulatory expert
  • Earn revenue share on Apiax technology sale
  • Manage your regulatory content on a digital platform

Want to collaborate with Apiax?

We combine more than 500 years of expertise in technology, legal and compliance, product management, marketing, and sales. We aim to transform an industry. Want to join us?