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Turn tax regulations into competitive advantage

Modern customers want bespoke investment advice along with tailored, value-added investment products that work for them. To meet that need, financial service providers have an opportunity to utilise tax-impact calculations to stay ahead of the competition.

RegTech as a business enabler

Digital tools can help investment professionals at each point in the value chain, for example to develop an investor profile, or to produce promotional material, or develop an asset allocation. They can also help to maximise returns and improve investment services. Due to the complex nature of investing and tax laws, many investors fail to grasp how to manage their portfolio in a way that minimises their tax burden.

To put it simply, tax efficiency reflects how much of an investment’s return remains after taxes are paid. Modern RegTech solutions allow to turn tax regulations into tax-impact calculations on financial instrument-level in real time and thus to improve advisory services, create better portfolios and structure value-added investment products.

Modern RegTech solutions allow to turn tax regulations into tax-impact calculations on financial instrument-level in real time.

Benefits of tax-efficient investing

Digital tools have changed the game. Financial institutions can now improve investment services, delighting clients in the process. They can use digital tax regulations to create new touch-points and activate clients, offer tax-efficient recommendations and engage a new investment narrative tied to performance and value-added services.

Tax impact information gives portfolio managers the edge through tax-efficient investment advice and integration, tax considered instrument selection and improved, tax-efficient product structuring.

Investment product managers can use tax calculations to easily structure tax-efficient investment products and create market-specific customised offerings. They will now be able to reach and attract new customers and activate existing clients by offering the latest finely tuned products.

Switch proposals are a possibility with tax impact calculations. Client advisors have another string to their bow by offering tax-efficient alternatives for clients who may have buyer fatigue. Open a dialogue with clients by framing the discussion about how they can improve performance with new added tax refinements.

New business can be created by offering market-specific, differentiated products structured from tax impact calculations. Financial institutions can take the position of first-to-know innovators by providing tax calculations to prospective clients that will give them market leading service quality.

Digital tax regulations are a game-changer. Financial providers can now improve investment services, delighting clients in the process.

Define your RegTech strategy now

Investment companies that lead the way will work with easy-to-use digital regulatory rules. Distilling verified tax content from trusted content providers made available under one roof allows investment professionals to make better and faster decisions. High performance rule engines convert complex rules into actionable intelligence in a matter of seconds. That coupled with innovative APIs pioneered for regulations is creating some distance between investments houses that utilise the latest technology and those that do not. Sounds complicated? It’s easy! Just read the whitepaper below or simply get in touch with one of our representatives to schedule a meeting.

Leverage Tax Regulations for Your Business

  • Read how client advisors can offer their clients value-added investment advice.
  • Learn how portfolio managers can create better investment portfolios.
  • Discover how product managers can structure more targeted investment products.

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