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Improve Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) with RegTech

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions become more advanced almost on a daily basis. Developments such as predictive analytics or cognitive computing certainly add value to existing solutions. To make the most out of these developments, businesses should make sure that they leverage the data they already have and that they make good use of new data sources such as RegTech solutions. RegTech solutions can generate insightful metrics for risk and oversight purposes for a broad range of situations.

To propel GRC activities, business leaders need to make the most out of existing data as well as new data sources, especially RegTech solutions.

Leverage RegTech for risk and oversight functions

Next-generation GRC solutions are today taking shape, building on the technology of earlier generations to meet current regulatory and risk challenges. Starting with the sole focus on financial controls, GRC solutions today also cover operation risks, information technology governance, compliance management and internal audit management.

At the same time, GRC solutions today encompass data volumes that classify as big data. In consequence, next-generation GRC solutions aim to implement technologies such as advanced analytics, predictive analytics or cognitive capabilities. In our view, a crucial challenge in GRC today is to identify relevant existing data sources and make proper use of this data.

Modern solutions such as RegTech technology further increase data availability. For instance, RegTech solutions can generate insightful risk metrics for investment advisory processes. Financial institutions can leverage digital regulations to inquire the gap between in-house risk-appetite and actual investment transactions to gauge real-world risk-taking by client advisors. This is just one of many examples how regulatory technology can improve risk and oversight functions.

Capable RegTech solutions generate insightful risk metrics for a number of business-critical processes, including real-world risk-taking in investment services.

Start improving your GRC solution now

Business leaders can leverage digital business processes as well as new technological enablers such as RegTech solutions for risk and oversight functions. To propel GRC activities, business leaders need to identify existing data as well as new data sources like RegTech solutions. This resource remains as of today largely untapped, but with ongoing digitalisation, GRC data generated from regulatory technology will be a cornerstone of GRC solutions. To learn more about the topic, get in touch with one of our specialists to schedule a meeting.