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Use digital tax rules to deliver superior investment performance services

The monitoring and evaluation of investments is a key component of the investment process. More and more suppliers are offering their services in this area. And while these services come with different names – investment controlling, investment advisory or investment performance services – they hardly differ in substance. Some combination of performance evaluation, cost comparison and benchmarking are now part of the standard repertoire.

We offer consulting firms for private and institutional investors the opportunity to differentiate themselves on the market and to offer their clients real added value by giving them access to digital tax rules on financial instrument level.

Consulting firms for private and institutional investors can differentiate themselves on the market with our digital tax rules and offer their clients real added value.

Improve investment controlling services with digital tax rules

The qualitative and quantitative analysis and assessment of investment performance is now based on a more or less fixed number of indicators. The standard repertoire is pretty straight-forward: key figures on return and risk, compliance with investment guidelines, assessment of asset managers, peer group comparisons and the comparison of fees are part of it.

What is consistently neglected is the topic of taxes. The tax-adjusted return is hardly taken into account in the usual offers. This is probably due to the fact that the necessary expertise can hardly be associated with individual investments or complex portfolios today.

Today, digital tax rules can provide exactly this connection. We digitalise tax rules at the level of the financial instrument in cooperation with leading specialists. These rules can then be easily obtained via our API or integrated into existing environments via adaptors. In combination, this allows service providers to factor the tax impact of investments into performance evaluations, be it on the level of individual financial instruments or in a portfolio context.

Digital tax rules allow providers to consider the tax-efficiency of an investment in their investment controlling services or investment consulting activities. Clients profit from even more transparency with regard to what they really get out of their investments. Service providers can differentiate themselves on the market with a product that is more fine-grained and more sophisticated than existing offerings.

Digital tax rules supplement investment consulting and investment controlling services with the factor of tax-efficiency.

Use digital tax rules to improve your investment advisory now

Find out today how you can use digital tax rules to deliver real added value to your customers. Start now to apply digital tax rules in your investment performance services. The topic of tax-efficient investing allows you to differentiate yourself in the market and offer your clients real added value. Read more in the white paper below and contact us to arrange a meeting.

Leverage Tax Regulations for Your Business

  • How to leverage digital tax regulations to improve investment services
  • How to calculate tax-adjusted return
  • How to generate value-added advisory products

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