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Cross-Border Asset Management

As with any cross-border banking activity, cross-border asset management got more and more compliacated in recent year. Together with our clients, we have developed efficient, digital ways to ensure compliance in cross-border asset management. Read on to learn all about it.

Country manuals for asset managers with cross-border activities

Asset managers with international business activities are increasingly faced with the challenge of knowing the legal framework in the country of residence of their clients or in the country in which they provide their asset management services. Today, compliance and regulatory risks relating to asset managers are still very much handled in traditional, often paper-based ways.

Today, compliance and regulatory risks relating to asset managers are still very much handled in traditional, often paper-based ways.

Compliance for asset managers is still often done through policies, training, monitoring and enforcement that heavily relies on classrooms and paper. Today, paper-based country handbooks and old-school compliance training are generally regarded as an appropriate tool to gain sufficient knowledge of cross-border risks and to assess with reasonable effort the legal risks to which asset managers may be exposed in the respective countries. But is that really the case?

Cross-border asset management in the digital age

We have designed our digital compliance solution to solve the challenges of traditional compliance approaches. Our solution offers these use cases for asset managers, and we are adding more use cases as we speak:

  • Smart Policies Here’s what you can expect: access to digital legal opinions for more than 120 jurisdictions. Visualization of regulatory requirements instead of legal text.
  • Marketing Compliance Full speed ahead. Our marketing and distribution rules exactly tell you what you are and are not allowed to do in your marketing and distribution activities.
  • Product Distribution Clarifies all questions with regard to the cross-border distribution of investment funds. Binary rules for discretionary services and distribution of investment funds.
  • Robo Advisory Equip your robo advisory-solution with a digital compliance layer to make sure you always stay in line with regulations.

All of these solutions are powered by our digital compliance rules, about which you can learn more here. Thanks to our cooperation with premium content partners, we cover more than 120 jurisdictions and our rules are always up to date and verified.

Start working with digital compliance solutions now

Start now with RegTech tools that help you ensure compliance with cross-border asset management. Master the complexity of regulations, stay compliant and productive. Work with a robust and holistic cross-border framework. Download the white paper below to learn more or arrange a meeting with one of our RegTech specialists.

Master Complex Financial Regulations in the Digital Age

  • Read how regulatory experts can stay in control over regulatory developments.
  • Learn how client advisors can stay compliant in even the most complicated client interactions.
  • Discover how financial institutions can offer superior investment advice with tax-impact calculations.

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