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Always stay compliant in client interactions

Client Interaction Planning

Simple fact: the number of regulations governing the interaction between clients and client advisors is increasing, particularly in a cross-border context. Today, client advisors get regular compliance training and have access to paper-based country manuals to ensure that they are always up to date with current regulations. But is this really the best way to do business? Together with our clients, we have developed a digital client interaction planner that provides fast and clear answers in even the most demanding client interactions.

Digital Client Interaction Planner

We have developed a client interaction planner for this use case. It’s an app that allows client advisors to easily find out what they can and can not do in a cross-border context. For every client interaction, the app asks for all of the context information it needs to deliver a clear yes-or-no answer. For example, the app will ask for the nationality of the client, the domicile of the client, the type of client interaction, or the client category to arrive at a result.

This is much better than the old ways. In the past, compliance training and resources (country manuals) helped client advisors come to their own conclusions, but often left uncertainty about what was right. Our technology gives them clear answers, enables them to comply with regulations and saves them time.

Makes it easy to plan multi-jurisdictional interactions

Previously, client advisors regularly spent up to 30 minutes preparing a single client interaction. With our solution, even the most complicated customer interaction takes no longer than 2 minutes to plan. Even better, client advisors can respond immediately to changes in the location and type of the meeting.

It is important to stress that the complexity of a client interaction with our solution is no longer a major issue. A client is a Swedish citizen, but is based in Singapore and is managed by a Swiss licensed financial institution? Absolutely no challenge with our solution – just query the app to get a reliable binary answer.

Rules for more than 80 countries

Through our cooperation with premium content partners, we cover regulations for more than 80 countries. These digital cross-border compliance rules are kept always up to date and verified by our partners, reducing the need for internal expertise, regulatory monitoring, and country manuals. Our solution also dramatically reduces the need for compliance training.

The kind of compliance rules we cover is extensively described on the rules page. These digital cross-border compliance rules offer a holistic perspective on what client advisors are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do. They can be subscribed individually or as a package and for any number of jurisdictions, depending on the individual needs of financial institutions.

Download the whitepaper

Download the whitepaper below to learn more about our approach to tackle cross-border compliance in the digital age. Or get in touch with us to book a short exchange in which we can learn more about how we could help you.

Master Complex Financial Regulations in the Digital Age

  • Read how regulatory experts can stay in control over regulatory developments.
  • Learn how client advisors can stay compliant in even the most complicated client interactions.
  • Discover how financial institutions can offer superior investment advice with tax-impact calculations.

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