Cross-Border Client Meeting Preparation

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Cross-Border Client Meeting Preparation

Learn how to integrate cross-border services (behavioral-) rules in your meeting preparation workflow. Empower your CRM users to instantly check for do’s and don’ts in a specific cross-border context with our rules for Discretionary Asset Management API, Investment Advice API, Loans and Credit Lines API, Custody and Payment Services API and Research API.

This guide shows you how to:

  1. Access relevant cross-border rules

  2. Inspect the API to retrieve country-specific values

  3. Retrieve binary results on activities and additional information such as remarks, restrictions

  4. Best practice where / how to bring the rules into your CRMs user interface

Flow of API calls

API flow diagram

Retrieve respective cross-border services rules

Cross-border rules reflect activities in financial services that either are allowed yes or not allowed no under a certain context. In addition to the binary answers, you can also retrieve restrictions and remarks to provide additional information regarding the decision.

Find the list of activities per service below and pick the activities you need for your integration.

The Research rule set offers data regarding the distribution of research know how. We distinguish between macro, financial and specific research material.